The following website is a record of a number of families who emigrated from Boiano, Italy, to Canada and the North Eastern United States,  with the principal focus being on the families and ancestors of the children of Felice Colariccio.

The purposes of this site are to provide as complete a record as possible of the lives of each of the members of the family,  and their move from Italy to North America, and to provide a forum to collect stories and photographs about the various individuals.

The easiest way to go through the information here is to start with the family tree diagrams ( descendant, or ancestor  charts ),  read one of the personal biographies, or read one of the descriptions of notable places.  Also,  when browsing through the Images ( photographs and documents ),  clicking on an image will link to that individual.

The information here is not perfect,  and there are very likely some errors.
Should you find any errors in the information in this site,  or have additional information, stories or photographs to share,  please contact me :