In attempting to pull together the family tree from various sources,  there are a number of stories and sources which contain conflicting information.  Questions are posted here,  in the hopes that someone reading them can offer some clarity.

1.  Felice Colaricci's siblings
Fillippo Colaricci and Concetta ( Colaricci ) Patullo offered different accounts of his siblings.
Fillippo only mentioned in his writings that Felice had 2 brothers : Andrea and Biaggio.
Concetta remembers that Fillippo Colaricci, Felice's father,  was twice married,  producing a number of children from each marriage ( that account is shown in the family trees ).  It is unclear which of these accounts is more accurate.

2.  Spina family
When and how many times did Domenico Spina travel to United States ?
Need to confirm birth / death dates for many of the Spinas cited.

3.  Prioriello family, Colalillo family, Perrella family
Prioriellos appear as spouse to Angelo Colaricci,  and married in  (multiple places) to Spina family.
Colalillos likewise appear numerous places,  without obvious links.
More information on how these individuals are related,  if at all.
There are also at least four Perrellas scattered throughput the family trees.  How are they related to one another ?

4. Campanella
There existed some relationship between Colariccis and General Campanella .. more info required.

6. Rosa (Colaricci) Pitoscia
How was Rosa's husband, a Pitoscia,  related to the broader Pitoscia family ?

7. Notable Places;  Stories
Add secondary Colaricci house ( in Boiano ); St. Rocco's Cleveland
Add story of Felice Colaricci's 11-sided earings