Concetta Carmina Prioriello

F, #162, b. 26 January 1900, d. 5 June 1976
     Concetta Carmina Prioriello was born on 26 January 1900. She was the daughter of Pasquale Prioriello and Teresa Perrella. Concetta Carmina Prioriello married Angelo Colaricci, son of Felice Salvatore Colaricci and Angela Pitoscia, on 24 November 1921 at Bojano. Concetta, pregnant with her first child Colomba ( Collie ), was ready to travel to United States with her husband Angelo. She was prevented from travelling when her mother-in-law, Angela Pitoscia, tore up her passport to prevent her from travelling, as Angela Pitoscia felt that she was too frail to travel. It would not be until 5 years later that Concetta was reunited with Angelo in the US. Concetta Carmina Prioriello immigrated in 1928; In around 1928, Colomba travelled to America with her mother Concetta. As she was born after her father Angelo had travelled to the US in 1922, this was the first time she met him. They travelled 1st class, as Angelo had saved enough money from his work to pay for a higher class ticket. She died on 5 June 1976 at Cleveland, Ohio, US, at age 76. She was buried on 9 June 1976 at Section 9 Lot 356 Grave 1, Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

Children of Concetta Carmina Prioriello and Angelo Colaricci