Angelo Colaricci

M, #13, b. 2 December 1898, d. 10 July 1977
Angelo Colaricci
     Angelo Colaricci was born on 2 December 1898 at Boiano, Campobasso, Italy. He was the son of Felice Salvatore Colaricci and Angela Pitoscia. Angelo Colaricci married Concetta Carmina Prioriello, daughter of Pasquale Prioriello and Teresa Perrella, on 24 November 1921 at Bojano. Angelo Colaricci was found on a passenger list on 29 August 1922; In the Ellis Island records, it indicates that he was 24 years old, married, and was going to be staying with "uncle Carmine Pitoscia, 54 box Waterford NY". He was also travelling with Gennaro Pitoscia ( 29 years old, visiting cousin Carmine Pitoscia ), and with Giuseppe Prioriello ( 26 years, vistiing uncle Carmine Pitoscia ). He immigrated on 29 August 1922; Angelo arrived at Ellis Island on the ship S.S. Europa.
Angelo worked in the coal mines at Powhatan Point, Ohio. While working there, he boarded with an Italian family. It was here that he lost his index finger in a work-related accident : something having to do with the collision of two coal cars. Following the injury, his finger was coarsely wrapped up, and he was sent to Pittsburgh for further treatment.

It was while he was in Powhatan that he received news by letter of the birth of his first child, Colomba ( Collie ), and also the news of his mother's sudden death. As of 1924, Angelo Colaricci lived at Powhatan Point, Ohio, United States. He died on 10 July 1977 at Cleveland, Ohio, United States, at age 78. He was buried on 14 July 1977 at Cleveland, Ohio, US.

Children of Angelo Colaricci and Concetta Carmina Prioriello