Felice Salvatore Colaricci

M, #6, b. 22 August 1858, d. 29 November 1949
Felice Colaricci (mugshot)
     Daughter-in-law Concetta often noted to her husband Angelo that he " .. would not live as long as Felice, because you are not as disciplined as your father". She said that Felice lived a very disciplined life, getting up the same time every day, eating the same time every day, and limiting the amount of work performed every day.

Additionally, she remembered that Felice was very much in to astrology. Felice Salvatore Colaricci was born on 22 August 1858 at Bojano, Campobasso, Italy. He was the son of Fillipo Salvatore Colariccio and Angela Rosa Perrella. Felice Salvatore Colaricci immigrated on 1 April 1893 to New York, NY, United States; 34 years. He married Angela Pitoscia, daughter of Saverio Antonio Pitoscia and Maria Teresa Malatesta, in 1895; Date of wedding inferred from birthdate of first child, Rosa. Felice Salvatore Colaricci died on 29 November 1949 at Boiano, Campobasso, Italy, at age 91.

Children of Felice Salvatore Colaricci and Angela Pitoscia