Partial ownership of Patullo house

The Patullo home in Boiano ( sections 1 and 2 ) was originally constructed by Carmine Patullo and his brother ( Raffaele, or possibly Donato).  Later, Carmine Patullo alone built an extension ( section 3 ) on the north side. As the property was irregularly shaped, to ensure equal square footage to each of the brothers, ownership was divided such that each had a ground floor and second floor. The house at the tip of the property was owned by the Ritota family, two of whom worked in the woodshop ( see photograph below ). ( Note that Carmine and Raffaele's mother was Ritota Teresa Ritota , so the home was possibly owned by cousins ).

After his death,  Carmine Patullo's portion of the home was to be shared among his children,  Antonio, Francesco, Giussepina, and Alessandro.  The first three had by this time moved to America;  Alessandro remained in the home, raising his family.

By the 1920s and 1930s, a wood mill and shop operated from the ground floor. Filippo Colaricci wrote that it was a good operation, a "full working carpenter shop, with four electric machines". Wood lumbered from the local hills was cut to make furniture, railways ties, crates, or even coffins.

Following Carmine Patullo's death, the question of ownership of the property was raised. Alessandro was still living there with his wife Concetta, their family, two nephews Mario and Frank, and his mother Teresa ( Mainella) Patullo. There were some discussions offering Alessandro complete ownership of the house, as he was caring not only for Antonio's sons, but also their aging mother ( see letter from Antonio to Alessandro).

Over the years, both Alessandro and later his wife Concetta made unsuccesful attempts to purchase the remaining portions of home from Alessandro's cousin Emilio Patullo, now living in America ( including a bitter reference in Concetta's letter following Alessandro's death, "thank Emilio for the house, but tell him Alessandro doesn't need it, he's found a much bigger palace" : letter ).  These attempts were unsuccesful,  in part leading to Concetta's decision to sell her portion and move with the remainder of the family to Canada ( see financial valuation ).

Patullo house
Carmine Patullo, with workers from the shop : Ianetta brothers ( rear ) and Ritota brothers ( front )
In front of Patullo shop: Frank Patullo, (Frank Varrichione's mother's cousin ), and Carmine, Emilio and Mario Patullo
Trunk made for Alessandro's future sister-in-law, Concetta Prioriello, for her emigration to America
Patullo House