Spina brothers, Carmine , Francesco, Antonio and Domenico purchased the property with money that they earned working in the United States. Carmine Spina, for example, built his portion of the home with funds he had earned working in Cleveland.

As with many shared properties, there were some disagreements as to ownership: Carmine Spina had to demand his portion of the building from his siblings ( Francesco, Antonio, Domenico ) which he obtained prior to his death in 1939.

The Cassino di Giorgio is also the home Teresa Spina lived in, referred to in Filippo Colaricci's biography, that he frequently wandered out to when courting Teresa.

The eastern portion of the house was used by Antonio Spina and his wife Giussepina, and was accessed by a separate entrance. The remaining three brothers accessed their portion of the home through the central staircase.