The Pitoscia family owned a large amount of property in the Castellone area,  a short distance to the west of Boiano ( on some maps,  it shows as "Masseria Pitoscia" ).  Note also that the Malatesta family ( "Masseria Malatesta" ) is the next area of land to the west.  ( Saverio Pitoscia was married to a Malatesta,  and his daughter Angela was encouraged, but refused, to marry a Malatesta 1st cousin )

Saverio Pitoscia owned property in this area ( homes 3, 4, 5 and 6 on the coarse map ),  and passed on property / houses to his sons and grandsons ( Michele, Pasquale, and Marco ).  Angela Pitoscia ( spouse of Felice Colaricci ) was also born in this area.

<Still to come is a photograph of Angelo Colaricci,  son of Angela (Pitoscia) Colaricci, in front of his mother's former home >

rough house map
House in Pitoscia area of Castellone ( house #3 on map )
Saverio Pitoscia, with daughters-in-law, and grandsons Pasquale, Saverio and Marco
Masseria Pitoscia